Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Lung Report

My arms and hands are, as usually, full of blood bruises and look disgusting. I've nearly gotten used to it but Dr. Lung has not. He thinks the steroids in one of my inhalers is making it worse so he suggested we drop down to a lower dose one which is fine by me.

And he told me I should definitely suck down my rescue inhaler before I set out on big walks. Okdokey. And he told me to be careful on big walks in the heat... I was hoping for 'skip' big walks in the heat but didn't get it. I did allow as how I was doing most of my walking inside so maybe that's why...

And otherwise keep on keepin' on and come see him again in 6 months. My blood pressure was better than usual as was my oxygen level.

Anyway no more doctors until December!! (hopefully)
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