Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Under I-5 on 23rd in Seattle

I was headed home from the pool on 23rd, just under the I-5 bridge when I heard the news. I got a little teary with so much joy. I cannot believe all the things I have seen in my lifetime. But marriage equality in the whole country was not something I'd ever live to see.

Nina Totenberg has been NPR's Supreme Court reporter almost since its inception. She has seen it all. But, even she, was flapped this morning. Clearly amazed and shocked and delighted. Just like me.


My Twitter feed is pretty fun this morning. My favorite is the color map of states where same sex marriage is now legal.

I have an appointment with Dr. Lung this morning. Plans after that include staying inside on top of the air condition vents.

Zoey is in her eating cycle. She goes through weeks of just eating dry kibble and then she'll start demanding wet food. A while back I ordered a bunch of one kind from Amazon because it was on sale and then she decided she did not like that at all. This morning, it's her favorite food ever!! Weird cat.

I like swimming in a chlorine pool. It feels cool and the water is so clear. Underwater, I can see all the way to the other end of the pool 25 yards away. But it dries my skin to itchy crispy. The bromine pool at LA Fitness isn't nearly as much fun to swim in - it's murky. But way nicer to my skin. I need to wallow in skin cream right now.

I'm on hold with Walgreens right now... Now that the Supreme Court has cleared their desks, I wish they would work on a hold music ban ....
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