Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I try, every Summer, to not make it hotter than it is. I hate the hot so much that my very stress about the hot makes it hotter for me. So I fight that... but this year, I'm not getting any help. It's not horrible yet. Too warm but not horrible and, yet, the news and social media are already getting all OMGTHEIT'STOOHOTTOBESAFE! I usually get there first but they beat me.

Today's high temperature is expected to be in the mid-80's. That's way hotter than I like it but not killer. Really.

But it does remind me that I have totally botched my knitting calendar. I spent bundles of $$ on some beautiful and wonderful yarn for a sweater I plan to wear every day next Winter. I am probably 20% done. And we are 4 months away from wearing it. hmmmm. Time to make a schedule.

I'm halfway up the body. So we have the rest of the body, the neck, the sleeves.

July 31 - finish body
August 31 - finish everything but sleeves
October 15 - finish sweater

Now I need to get some interim granularity to that schedule. I want to wear this sweater and it's way too much money to turn into a UFO - knitter's lingo for UnFinished Objects that just die.

Today's swim is in West Seattle so there will also be a grocery store stop. My list is short but, I'm running low on ice cream so the stop is required.

Nothing else is in the must do category today. I'll just play it as it goes. Mostly in front of my air conditioner.
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