Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The Mariners played a great game last night. No. Really. This rookie pitcher just flat killed it. He loaded up the bases in the 1st inning but wiggled out of that and never looked back. PLUS, miraculously, our hitters actually hit! It was a fun game to watch. And... even though it was a Tuesday home game, the Oh So Very Annoying Former Player who usually invades the Tuesday broadcast, was MIA. It was a surprise and a delightful evening of baseball. A real rarity for Mariner fans.

This morning was a great swim. I had been doing a mile which usually took me 50-55 minutes. But now I've switched to just swimming a good pace - some sprints but not many - and going for 60-65 minutes. I'm not wearing my lap counter but my Misfit says I'm doing a mile and change and that works for me.

My brother is changing his business from a franchise to a stand alone. There are many moving parts to the swap. Today's project is to upfit his newsletter. He sends out some in email (PDF) and some on paper. They are created in Microsoft Publisher which is a great piece of software for the task. He was going to hire a designer to make him a template but, it turns out, no one works in Publisher any more. Wild. So, I'm going to make the template. It will be better right now, anyway, to retrofit his old template - continuity and all that. Plus, I work very cheap.

A food truck I've been meaning to try is in the park by my house today so no breakfast. I'll do an early lunch instead... at the truck... at 11.
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