Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

More of the same but nice same

My Misfit Shine only records data for a month but it does have a channel on the If This Then That website. When I first got it I set up a routine to dump the data into spreadsheets on Google... one for sleep and one for activity.  I now have 4 months of data which is cool. I went in last night and added some functions like what percentage of 1800 points each day was. There are more 100+  % days than I thought. I may well have to go to 2000 ...  My real goal is to do more than I would ordinarily... if only a little.

Since March 4, I have gone (walking and swimming) an average of 3.33 miles a day. This kind of amazes me.

I got an email last night from one of the folks I used to swim with on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the city pool. There is a little group of about 8 that nearly always swim at 11 (when the pool opens) on those days. Julie sent me a 'are you ok? we miss you' note which was really a sweet thing for her to do. I do miss those folks but my new pool has two major pros over swimming with them... 1. I can swim when I want - I don't have to wait until 11 and 2. those same folks also crowd the lanes and the gym pool is generally all mine.

Today I need to get gas in the car. I so hate getting gas. I keep putting it off. My car is small enough to probably peddle but no peddles so gas is really kind of crucial. On the up side, it only holds 8 gallons so I don't have to stand there smelling fumes for very long. I just have to remember to stop.

Also today both the fabric store and Uwajamaya have 10% off for seniors. Uwajamaya's is only available from 8-11 which kind of cracks me up. I don't really need anything today so I'll probably do that one next Tuesday. I'll probably do the fabric shop after my swim. Also, hopefully, the pharmacy will call that my inhalers are ready and I'll pop over and pick them up.

I think I'll have some cereal now and then hit the road to the pool.
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