Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I don't remember his name but...

In my 20s Iived in a small South Carolina town and was a newspaper reporter on a small town newspaper. One of our photographers was a high school student who was  a nerdy kid and fun to hang with. We played games and went exploring an just enjoyed each others company. He was into modding (before it was a thing). One time he brought me a soup can that he had completely covered inside and out with with felt.  "It's for your strings, you know, those thread ends that you can't ever get off your fingers. My Mom said you would like it."

It was the sweetest thing. I had never heard of this trick before but it's fabulous.  When you sew, you clip threads and those suckers get everywhere. I lost that can years ago but I have always always had a large piece of felt next to my sewing machine. It keeps pins from rolling away and is the very best for keeping thread bits from traveling all over the house.

His name was Rick and that is all I can remember. I lost track of him when I moved out of state before he even got out of high school but I think of him now every single time I turn on the sewing machine.

Which I did today. I'm now at the end of the house hold things I wanted to sew. Today's was a new cover for the foam wedge I use on the bed in the fish room. Now it looks happy and cheery like the pillows on that bed.

Twice today, I walked the halls.  I am addicted to this fitness band. This weekend, I moved my daily goal up from 1500 points to 1800 points. A point is roughly a step (but, I generally pick up about 3,000 points with an hour of swimming and you get more points for faster walking, for instance). I was routinely hitting the 1500 mark every single day without working at it so I decided to build in some work and ... it's working.  I think I'll make 1800 tonight but I would not have without the two mid day walks. It's probably not too hot to go outside if I stay in the shade but why go if I don't have too.
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