Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I am my Mom

In her latter years, my Mom turned into a quote machine. She died with a crappy heart, blood clots galore, broken bones but a totally intact sense of humor.  And a fresh predicure.

"Around here, a change in drugs is headline news!" I had not expressed enough appreciation when they put her pills into pillow thingies so she didn't have to count them out any more.

Well... today... my own change is drugs is headline news!! One of my inhalers is Spirva. It's a plastic gizmo. You dig a capsule out of a packet and put it into the gizmo and click it and then suck it... twice. (I know I've written about this before.) It's a PIA.  Now the same drug comes in a regular kind inhaler - push then button, suck it in. No muss no fuss no trash.

My doctor made the change in my prescription but the pharmacy had to sit on it until today because my insurance said it wasn't time for a refill yet. I usually get my drugs through Walgreens mail - 3 months at a time. But, Walgreens doesn't carry it yet so I went through the compound pharmacy at my doctor's office. I just called to make sure I could pick it up today and she asked me if I wanted 3 months worth. Heck yeah!! They used to not be able to do that - you could only get 3 months worth through mail order. Then she said "Oh, wait, let me check the price - sometimes this stuff is expensive..." "Oh, 3.60 for 3 months worth... You want to pick it up today?"

Happy new inhaler dance going on here!!

So that's my headline news... and my day's agenda.

This morning at the pool I learned that my second favorite life guard is doing mornings this Summer along with my favorite one! Double excellent. Suki is studying mobile app design and always grills me on swim tech and I'm always ready to fill his head with what I know. And I got in a great swim.

This weekend I watched a new way-too-short series on Amazon - Catastrophe - it was fabulous. Really well done and pretty darned funny.  I'm doing a pretty good job of cleaning off TiVo and watching good stuff even over the Summer break. The days of bad/no Summer TV seem to be gone. Yeah!!

It's getting hot hot hot here - my phone says that it will be in the 90's next weekend. That is not acceptable. Another fried Pride weekend. The past few years have been hot but not fried. Looks like that ends this year.

I have a sewing project to do but I need fabric but the fabric store only has their senior discount on Tuesdays (and maybe Thursdays but not Mondays). Maybe I have something fun in the stash box. If not, tomorrow will work.
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