Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The Church of Swimming

I so love that I can now have swimming on Sunday mornings! What a delight. This morning I had the pool to myself mostly. One guy came in and swam about 15 minutes but mostly it was just me until the last 5 mins when 2 guys came in and the a man and a woman - crowds!

But, I had actually swam about an hour and 10 minutes by that time so I had had my due. It was a lovely swim, too. What a great thing that gym is. I may not last but for now, great.

I toyed with the idea of stopping some place over there in West Seattle for breakfast but the Mariner stadium is between my house and West Seattle and the game is at 1 and the Mariners are on a winning streak (Ok, well, only 2 wins so far but, hey! That's a winning streak and those are rare in Mariners-ville) and it's Father's day so 1. more people going to the game and 2. sometimes breakfast/brunch places get Father's day crowded.

So I came home. I have lots of breakfast fixin's here. It's not yet hot which is lovely. So I think I'll do the breakfast thing right now.
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