Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Saturday - so far... so good

After some coffee and some internetting, I decided to hit the pool. I'd already decided to go to the gym pool instead of the one in south Seattle because I wanted to try out my snorkel and get in a good swim and the south Seattle pool is only available for an hour.

When I got to the gym there were two lanes (out of 3) in use! And I even had to share a lane (very briefly). It was the most crowded it had ever been. But, the last 15 minutes or so of my swim, I was the only one in there.

The snorkel was a total and absolute failure. It was very weird. I was breathing the whole time I was swimming but when I got to the end of the pool I was way more out of breath than when I swim without it. I think it may have something to do with my COPD. My lung doctor explained that COPD people have a really hard time emptying their lungs enough to get enough air back in. Swimming without the snorkel forces me to empty my lungs more than normal and then I'm able to get a nice healthy inhale. The snorkel did not. After about 4 laps, my body offered up a deal. If I abandon that thing, it promised to make my neck and shoulders behave. And it kept up the bargain. I had a great and comfortable swim.

Amazon's getting it's snorkel back. I'm very glad I tried it. And happy I don't have to worry about that any more!

There's a cafe/grill place attached to the bowling alley that is on the other end of the block from the gym. So, after my swim, I went up there for breakfast. I had a Belgian waffle into which they had baked 2 strips of bacon. It was frighteningly delicious.

Then on to Trader Joe's where I just now remembered that I forgot the one thing I went for. Oh well, got other good stuff and since it's just across the street from the gym, I can pop in any time.

Now I'm home and it isn't too hot in here yet. There's a Sounders game at 1 and the crowd is gathering out there now (11:30). Then, down the block, the Mariner game will be at 6. It promises to be an active day in the neighborhood.
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