Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I had the air conditioner on for a little while last night but I turned it off before I went to bed. It was hot. And my nose skin needed a rest so no breathe right strip. I feel like I woke up every 15 minutes with desert mouth and sweaty. My Misfit says I slept pretty well. Liar liar pants on fire.

Today's swim is at the gym pool. I have a manicure scheduled for 11 a few blocks from the pool and I need a few groceries. I don't want to leave for the pool too early... But, if I do, big whop. I'll just go read my good book somewhere until nail time.

Yesterday one_raido suggested I look into using a snorkel to help with my body straighten breathing training issues. I actually had seen people using snorkels at the pool and scoffed (not out loud...). I just figured they were too lazy to breathe. (I also originally thought those who used kick boards were too lazy to swim - using a kick board takes a whole lotta work, as it turns out.) Anyway, after seeing her suggestion, I went to you tube and ... voila! 1. there is such a thing as a swimmer's snorkel (different than a diver's snorkel) and 2. it does exactly what I need ... let's you hone body mechanics without worrying about turning your head, too.

Initially I thought, well, gee, won't that also teach me bad habits? Like what if, after using it, I can't then easily breathe on either side?

But... my reasons for swimming are 1. fun, 2. getting some exercise, 3. fun. So, if I use the snorkel and thereby learn to do so that my body is using the correct muscles correctly and then have to always use the snorkel ... No Big Deal. I can still accomplish 1, 2 and 3 and maybe even do 2 better.

Amazon's delivering my snorkel tomorrow.

Whoa, Obama is going to be on Marc Maron's podcast. Now, that should be interesting. And Whoa! They caught the Charleston church shooter in Shelby. Wow. Twitter is just chock full o' goodies. Just when I was getting golfed out. The US Open is being played south of here. I follow a lot of local sports people because of baseball but now they are all golf experts. I'll be glad to see next Monday golf-wise-speaking.
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