Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Adventures downtown

The first part of the adventure was the discovery of Zoey's hiding place! I knew she had a new one but I hadn't found it yet. Turns out it was on top of my sunhat which now has it's natural khaki covered in cat fur. Nice. I wore it anyway because the sun was out in full force. But, it was surprisingly cool which was heaven.

The biscuit place is cute and teeeny tiny. It's exactly where badrobot68 had his shop. There is a kitchen with giant fridge and ovens and workspace and counter and and washing up area and shelves and a table and chairs and a counter with stools. The eating area does not feel crowded. It actually makes a nice place to nosh with lots of very excellent people watching. But working there has to be a nightmare. There were 6 people working today in a space barely big enough for 3.

The ham was hanging right by where you order so there was no question that this was the real deal. The ham cured in Smithfield, NC is the very best country ham you can get. That's about $100 worth o' ham hanging right there.

The biscuits are good - not amazingly fabulous but good. They aren't buttery enough and need a little salt. And, for my taste, they are too big by almost half. But, my country ham biscuit was excellent.

They also have pimento cheese as an option for your biscuit. This is an EXCELLENT choice except, the description says that it is homemade and includes baby carrots. CARROTS???? in your pimento cheese? Are they nuts??? Yes.

It had been a while since I had been in the center of town and a long while since I've been there in tourist season.

It was fun. Lots of people lost and looking for help. The ferris wheel looked great today when you peeked between the buildings.

As I got right by my back door, I passed a couple pulling a rolling bag and studying a map and talking about going to Cherry Street Coffee. And then they set out to get there by the very longest way possible (the map is confusing)... I stopped them and apologized for eavesdropping but pointed them to the more direct way.

Now I need to get to work on this cat hat.
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