Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


This morning's swim was an hour of frustration. Having to breathe is fucking up my stroke. GRRRRR. And then there was a woman sharing my lane who was slower than I am (which is pretty fucking slow) but doing flip turns which kind of cracked me up. Meanwhile I was trying to concentrate on using my other side and/or both sides to breathe while staying out of her way. About halfway in, my arm tangled with the hard plastic lane line. Now I have a blood bruise bigger than an Apple watch and, it broke the skin. ARUGH.

It's not supposed to get horribly hot today so I am venturing out. There's a new little biscuit cafe in Pike Place Market that opened yesterday. They have country ham biscuits on their menu. Country ham is a thing - it's a specially cured ham found in Virginia and a couple of places in North Carolina. Seattle is not big on ham and really does not 'get' it at all. But they really don't get country ham. There are places that have it on the menu and it turns out to be sugar cured ham, or not cured ham, or off the shelf whatever ham. Never country ham. The owners of this new pace are from North Carolina so they better know what they are talking about. I am going to find out today.

There is real country ham in Seattle. I know two different butchers who sell it but, they only sell the whole ham which is huge and pretty much require a mortgage. My brother always brings me slices whenever he visits. I can order it online and sometimes do. But, the idea of being able to just walk into a place and order a ham biscuit tickles me.

So that's that I'm doing today. At least that's the plan.
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