Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

It's the arms!

I swam for 65 minutes and except for 2 mins when I first got there and 3 mins at the end, I had the pool to myself. Very freeing in terms of experimenting and figuring out stuff.

Breathing on the other side is still a great struggle, two laps and I have to stop and breathe so there are issues but... I think they may well be in my arms more than my neck. My former form uses my arms in ways that changing my breathing won't allow. It's an arm straightening thing. When I straighten them both out, I face the bottom of the pool so it really doesn't matter which side I breathe on. This could be excellent.

Towards the end, a whole lap of breathing on the left was still pretty hard but alternating sides every 3rd stroke was miraculously easier.

So... I think progress. Yeah!! And, a clear realization that my old form is just coasting downhill - it's not even really a workout! Compared to what I did for most of today's swim, I've been close to napping while floating... hmmmmm

I have a lovely salad for lunch. I earned it!
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