Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Not that mysterious

In the olden days (and maybe still, I haven't been there in a few decades), delivery guys in New York City did their work on bicycles built with giant storage boxes on the front. Our Gristedes (neighborhood market) guy used one. Now, Amazon is using them here, at least downtown. I've seen several. Amazon had several delivery deals - same day of a variety of things, groceries, restaurant orders and probably a few programs that are in beta testing. I don't know what the bike guys are delivering. They are not going to be delivering my goggles, though. I just got the email that those are coming via the regular local delivery company that Amazon's been using for years - OnTrac. They used to be horrible and not, not so bad.

I've been doing neck stretches all day and I think maybe I should stop for a while. My neck is now getting sore. Ugh.

It's hot out. But I walked anyway. I have not been good about walking 20 minutes every day. Between being out of practise and its being hot, today's foray was not good. I didn't have to stop and breathe but it didn't feel great. On the up side, I have dinner for tonight and tomorrow. Seattle outlawed styrofoam so take out places have to use this kind of cardboard-y stuff that really does suck. I have learned to transfer my takeout food to real dishes the very minute I get home or my meal will be part paper when I eat it.

I am wearing my diet pants and really, while they do fit and don't look tight, they really scream to my brain constantly... FATSO!!! YOU ARE FAT!!!! My other jeans are exactly the same brand, material and everything else except boyfriend cut. They tell me I am amazing and wonderful just the way I am. Jeans feedback.

My brother is having website issues again - content issues. I think he needs a web page mission statement. They kind of know what they want but not exactly and not entirely. He's got his tech messing with it and then they come to me for feedback and editing and I get all invested and want to do it my way (aka the RIGHT way). I need to BACK THE FUCK OFF.

I think maybe I'll connect BACK THE FUCK OFF with Zoey's Meow. She won't shut up so when I hear her now, I'll just translate it in my brain to uninvest myself, please.
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