Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Next up, neck work

I did not lose my left side breathing over night. Whew. But, I'm still on that oh so wobbly bike. And oh so slow. I think I can move forward faster just treading water! Sophie, the lifeguard, says it looks like my neck is too tight and just doesn't flip my head up as high or as easily as on the right. So, today's project is neck exercises/stretches. I did spend 75% of my swim either breathing on the left totally or every 3 stroke bilateral breathing. It's exhausting but good. Really good.

I need new goggles so I'm testing out Amazon's free today delivery. Should be interesting.

It's hot out now and supposed to get hotter today. I may venture out anyway and hug the shade sides of buildings for a little walk up to the teriyaki place. I love their food and a $10 buys me dinner tonight and dinner tomorrow night.

Zoey has been glued to me for several days now. She is in my face constantly. There is little more fun than trying to pin applique onto wall hangings with a cat walking back and forth where you are trying to pin. This morning she was sniffing my face at 5 a.m. I need a cat food or cat treat called Chill Pill. I should be grateful for the attention.

Time now for some breakfast.
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