Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Success! Almost... breakthrough anyway, I think

Learning to breathe on the side you never use is like riding a bicycle. Well, falling off the bike when you don't get 'it' yet, is maybe a little less traumatic than drowning so my metaphor is not perfect. But... I remember when I finally figured out how to manage my 2-wheeler. One second I was falling and the next it clicked. I hit the click in breathing on the other side this morning!! I'm still in the really wobbly stage but I swam lots of laps ONLY breathing from my new side and some breathing out of one and then the other, every 3 strokes. I'm so proud and whew! LOT's o' work there.

There were other people in the pool today but all lap swimmers (no walkers) and all lanes were full only briefly. It was lovely all the way around. What a great find that pool is. I was thinking as I swam that if the Silver Sneakers thing falls apart and I no longer get in for free, I will probably pony up the real $$.

I remembered there is some kind of Seahawks fan thing at the football stadium so I came on home before it got nuts. Turns out, it must not start until way later. The neighborhood is so far pretty bare of peops.

I'm thinking Spam and eggs for breakfast.
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