Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Lovely day

My afternoon was delightful. I upgraded 8 different t-shirts by reusing the stuff from the original banner. I love my new shirts. I also hemmed a couple and redid the neckline on a couple more. It's like having a free store in my house!

This was done to the not at all dulcet tones of the Mariner broadcasters. Yesterday, our best pitcher (also one of the best pitchers in baseball) gave up 9 runs in the 1st inning. It redefined ugly. Today, the Mariners responded by morphing into a run factory. I have, for years, always felt so sad for the broadcasters having to sound cheery and hopeful about a team that lives in the basement every single year. They do a great job and deserve a day like today.

After the game, I spent some quality time with YouTube swimming lessons. I need to really knuckle down and teach myself how to breathe by turning my head either way. Right now it only goes to the right and I think that's what's making my neck and shoulders sore - or at least contributing to it. I tried, this morning, to swim some laps turning my head to the left. It wasn't that successful. But now I have some good tips and things to try from Coach YouTube. I'll be giving them a go tomorrow morning.

I had a great cheese burger for dinner and I have a nutty buddy waiting in the freezer.

The Sounders band just chanted on by my terrace. Knitting and junk TV on tap tonight.

What a lovely Saturday.
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