Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Before lap swim on Saturdays they train kids. Today while the kids were finishing, lap swimmers started gathering. Usually, I'm the only one who starts right they they say 'ok for laps.' But, today there were several folks from my regular city pool - the one with the road ripped out and traffic near there blocked... I'll bet that pool is getting pretty roomy!

The woman I swam with last week was back and she said "I love sharing a lane with you, you raise the bar!" I started to ask her swim schedule so I could get that kind of feedback every day! Very fun of her.

Oh and I got a non-iTunes waterproof mp3 player on Amazon that I tried out for the first time today. I've tried ones like this before and they were always not good. Either not loud enough or stopped working after a few weeks. But, I'm so sick of iTunes. I want to be able to manage my player on my chromebook. The trial was a resounding success. It's very loud enough. And easy to manipulate and wear. A winner. Now, if it just keeps working!

After my swim it was on to breakfast. I think probably I'm going to have to abandon my cute place for the Summer.  It's not very hot out today but it was pretty warm in that place. Maybe I'll save it for winter.

I made a quick stop in the grocery on the way home and got ice cream and then could NOT get home. The Rock and Roll Marathon was between me and home. And, while I had checked out the route, I had neglected to study it and work arounds. And I had to pee. I made about 4 very wrong turns but finally actually did make it home before the ice cream had completely lost its ice.

The next Mariner loss starts in about 30 minutes. I think there will be sewing and knitting and other activities while the game plays in the background.
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