Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

bananas for trade

Back in the late 70's I lived in Southern Pines, NC which was a tiny town full of small businesses. I made clothes for people, finished their needlework and taught macrame.

I had a friend who was a caterer. Whenever she had to make a batch of deviled eggs (which was often - this was the South), she'd go to the grocery store and buy a crap ton of eggs and then make the rounds to all her friends for a swap. New eggs, when hardboiled, can be a bitch to peel. So we'd fork over our eggs for her new ones.

Today I have two very ripe bananas. I had 3 but I ate one for lunch. If it were the late 70's, I'd call my friend and she'd come over and adopt these babies and turn them into delicious which she'd share next time she needed old eggs.

Wonder what ever happened to her.
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