Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Eons ago - like 15 years or so - I made a wall hanging out of a bunch of treasured tshirts. This is a very crappy photo of it but it shows the scale. The thing is huge.

And very poorly constructed but I love the shirts. When I had the condo professionally designed in 2005, the designer couldn't lose it fast enough. She threw it out but I rescued it and squirreled it away. About 3 years ago, I dug it out and hug it in my hallway. I've enjoyed it but it's still a mess.

NOT any more!!! I'm deconstructing it and making it into probably 3 smaller hangings and use the rest as decoration on some of my plain t-shirts. My sewing machine is an el-cheapo but it does have one very nice (stretchy) stitch that works really well on knits like tshirts.

Yesterday I found a treasured shirt that was way past it's prime - no longer even decent enough to wear in public but the printed bits were still ok. So I cut them out and used them on my favorite tshirt (the one I fixed the day before) and now my favorite shirt is a double favorite!!

Here's what we've got so far...

I had forgotten that I had nailed it to the hall wall so taking it down involved patching the paint! But I did that first. This will be ongoing but, still, I LOVE my new sewing area!
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