Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The massage place sent me an email this morning asking me to fill out a 2 question survey. The first asked how likely I was to recommend the place 1-10 and I picked 3. The second was 'what can we do to fix your disappointment'. I replied very simply without a lot of details that my masseuse was a mismatch leaving me bruised and sore. I added that there was nothing they could do but that I appreciated their asking.

Well... my phone just rang and the caller ID was the massage place so I sent it to voicemail. And the message was actually really lovely. She said that the survey was anonymous except for her (which kind of makes it non anonymous in my book but I don't really care about that anyway). She said she would like to offer me a free massage with a different masseuse. But, what's even better is that she went on to say that she would add the free massage to my account for use whenever I liked and she'll be sending me a receipt for it. No demand or even request for me to call her back or even ever do anything else.

Nice. Very nice. Way to redeem. I'm impressed. Still sore and bruised but still very impressed.
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