Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I took a couple of ibuprofen before bed last night and after my initial lying down, the pain wasn't so bad and did not wake me up at all. I was a little afraid of swimming. If that woman fucked up my swimming, there was going to be some retribution. When I first got in and pushed off the water pressure hurt my back but, after about 30 mins, everything adjusted and was fine. Now it just feels like from the hairline on my head to my waist is black and blue. It isn't but it feels that way. BUT not as bad as last night so maybe I'll live.

It is a lovely, cool morning out. Last night was another non-a/c night that was very comfortable. Especially now, I so appreciate all the non hot days.

Yesterday's closet purge resulted in a couple of small sewing projects for today. It was very successful. I have one dresser and another closet yet to do and then my Goodwill bin will be full and it will be time to drive the donation over. I think I may try to get to that point today.

But, first... breakfast.
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