Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Usually, I love the east coast baseball games. Baseball in the daytime is so much more convenient for me. But, today I outsmarted my own self. I did not focus on the rare Very Early Start (9 am) when I made my massage appointment for 10:45 with plans to get my swim in before hand. Oh well. I can catch highlights between and missing one game won't break the baseball bank. Besides, they won the last two games so there is no way they will win today.

My plan is to leave here at 9 which will probably be 8:45 and give me plenty of time for an hour's swim. Depending on pool population, I might even extend that some. Then on to the massage place which is only a couple of blocks from the pool. It's an uphill couple of blocks but I may walk it anyway. After the massage, going downhill will be fine. And I can keep my car in the cool parking garage so that it isn't an oven for the ride home.

It's cooled off considerably anyway. I woke up to pee about 1 am and turned off the air conditioner and opened the door. This morning, it's still lovely and cool and quiet without the a/c on. And it looks like we've got until Sunday to enjoy it. Nice.

Nothing else special going on. My latest audio book is Robert Dugoni's Bodily Harm. i had not read anything of his in a long time and now, a third into this one, I remember why. It's a legal thriller (good), set in Seattle with a lot of Seattle in the story (good) but it's chock full of sexist cliches that are really making my teeth itch. I'm going to try and finish it because the story line is otherwise interesting but I am, right now, making a mental block to mark this guy off my list of interesting authors. And, if it gets much worse, I will abandon. There are too many good books out there to waste reading time on an insulting one.

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