Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Some success - some failure

For 50 minutes of my hour swim today, I was the only person in the pool. It was weird and wonderful. I did 72 laps in 55 minutes. This means it is not a 25 meter pool. It can't be. It has to be 25 yards. The people at the front desk have zero idea. One guy says definitively that it's 25 meters. One woman today told me it was 75 'somethings'. The other 3 at the front desk appeared to have no clue. I'm calling it 25 yards. And... also... declaring that it does not matter one single bit.

After my lovely swim, I went on to the massage place which was where some of the fail came in. My personality is the antithesis of massage place personalities. I know this and try to take with me some forgiving zen but, apparently, I didn't bring enough. The masseuse I drew today - Tina - was an interesting and oh so annoying combo of 50% defense and 50% condensention. And listening was NOT her strong suit. About 15 minutes in, I nearly bailed all together. She was killing me and when I suggested she pull back a bit, her response was that she was just getting started and wasn't really trying yet. So I said ok, then end. And then, turned out, she decided a 'much less effective' massage would be within her capabilities.

"Would you like to add on something for Tina?" "Er, ah, that will be a gigantic NFW." I did get the introductory price of $50 for an hour's massage which, after I threatened to leave, turned out to be not horrible. I feel better muscle wise and if I feel the same way tomorrow, then maybe I might go back again as long as I can get someone other than Tina to 'do me'.

The place is convenient. They are open 7 days a week with walk in options. They do have a number of different masseuses (masseusi?) So. maybe. one day.

And, yep, the Mariners went down in flames today. They were in the bottom of the 8th when I got out of the massage place.

On the way up side, it's not horribly hot. I have not had the air conditioner on today yet.

I think today might be an excellent day to reorganize my closet of folded clothes and maybe the hanging ones, too. There is not too much that needs to leave - Goodwill or trash, but a ton that needs to spend some quality time in purgatory and then probably Goodwill.
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