Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Treats for me

Some days everything is annoying but today is just the opposite.

My new sewing area continues to delight me no end. This morning I reached into the t-shirt pile and pulled out one of my all time favs. Except. It's just way too long. Always has been. It goes down almost to my knees. Every time I wear it, I think "I need to drag out of the machine and fix this!" DONE!

I threw on another one and then this morning took the favorite one and whacked off the bottom and rehemmed it perfectly. No getting the machine out needed. This just tickles me to bits.

On my way back to the machine, I told Alexa to play me some classical music and she tossed me right to some lovely Vivaldi. But at the machine, I am too far away to talk to her. She has a nice little remote but it's in the living room and I needed her to volume down just a nudge.

So, while I sewed, I thought, hmmm I should send them feedback to add simple commands - volume/stop/start to the phone app. I went to that phone app to send the feedback and BAM!!! There was volume/stop/start and MUCH more already right there waiting for me!

Much fun.
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