Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


This morning, towards the end of my swim, my shoulder started complaining. I stopped what I was doing immediately and did other stuff - kicking, breathing on the other side and even some water jogging. I do NOT NOT NOT want any issue that will get between me and my swimming! Sophie, the life guard, says it's because I gopher my head. Instead of lifting it just enough to breath then then looking down, I take the breathing time as also time to look around and see what's new in the pool - who's doing what with whom, etc. Hopefully, she's right and if I do it right, I will be fine.

Especially in the last few months I've thought, more than once, that I really do need/want a massage to work out the kinks in my back and my shoulders and my neck. Some days it's worse than others. The major stumbling bock is not having or knowing anyone to go to. I used to go to go to one across the street but booking time with her was always a festuche and I just decided it wasn't worth the hassle. Every once in a while I google for ideas and never get very close to actually getting a massage.

On the way home from the pool this morning, I decided that this not getting a massage business ends today. I found a place with a lot of Yelp and Google stars that is very close to the LA Fitness pool and booked an appointment for after my swim tomorrow. Done. Whew.

My house cleaner comes today - in just a bit actually. I generally like to be gone when she's here but during air conditioner days, I like to be here to turn it off when she starts vacuuming. I think my current air conditioner would be ok with it but the old one always brought down the circuits and I don't want to take chances.

Nothing else really going on today - keeping kool or trying to.
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