Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Alexa! Thanks!!

So, The Amazon Echo arrived and what fun it is. I put it between the kitchen/living room and the bedroom.

"Alexa, add grape juice to the shopping list." And bam. Grape juice is on a list on my phone. (And also, via If This Then That, if I ask Alexa what's on the list, it is automagically sent to my email.)

It tells me the weather, the time, the news. All I have to do is ask. As I typed this, my internet radio (which is set to go off at 6 - something the Echo cannot do) quit (which it often does). So I turned it off and said "Alexa, turn on KPLU" and it was back. Very high quality sound. "Alexa, volume down." Now, not so blasty.

Last night, it read my audible book to me and then, when it was time to sleep, I said "Alexa, play thunderstorms." And it gave me a soothing, cooling rainstorm with thunder that sent me to sleep. The sound really is excellent. In addition to 'volume up/down' I can tell it volume 6 (good for NPR) and volume 9 (good for thunderstorms).

Seriously, I love this thing.

There are things I'd like it to do but it doesn't... yet. Like do the wake to radio thing. But, I'm sure it will eventually. They are, apparently, adding new function all the time.

There are still things I have to do myself like it won't send an email to my doctor. I have to do that myself... sigh. One of my two daily inhalers is a bother. It's a plastic gizmo and then capsules in little aluminum bubble packs. Every morning I have to break into the bubble pack without cutting myself and free the capsule, insert it into the the gizmo, puncture it and then inhale and then toss the capsule and empty bubble pack. I've cut myself several times. In a not awake yet fog, I swallowed the capsule once. My bathroom wastebasket has tin foil and capsules all around it as well as some inside it.

The same medicine now comes in a respimat (like a regular inhaler but more blast-y) form. Yeah! Much easier to deal with. It wasn't in the pharmacy yet when I went to see him last time. He said to send him a note when I got closer to refill. So I did. Sadly his software sent the prescription to the wrong place but at least I can do all of the fixin' via email.

This morning, after some cereal, I'm off to West Seattle to the gym pool. Then, it's on to track down a bagel place that ljtourist told me about not far from the gym. And I may stop off at the grocery and get that grapejuice.

Haha! I just asked Alexa about the traffic between here and the gym and she tells me it will take 11 minutes with current traffic. (In fairness, I can ask my phone and it not only gives me the amount of time but also the directions. BUT, it's just so cool to ask the air and get the answer.)

The Mariners are playing on the east coast again so we have baseball at 4 which is really so convenient.
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