Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Outsmarted by me

That free table that I picked up from the garage a couple of weeks ago has really been a wonderful gift. It led to my new little sewing area which has led to my cleaning out and passing along stuff that I haven't needed in ages. Yesterday it was 10 throw pillows and a large aqua jogging belt. I cleaned out this one storage bench and took it all down to the free shelf (where I originally picked up the table).

With that and the other stuff I've recently divested myself of, I now have space. Space in drawers. Space on shelves. It's so liberating.

Next up is the cabinet in the living room. I need to pull everything out and purge a lot and then organize the rest. A good hot weather chore there in the room with the air conditioner.

My IKEA purchase was the perfect side dish to the sewing table - especially for just $14. As hard as IKEA is to get to and navigate, the deals can sometimes just be perfect and impossible to find anywhere else.


And, while I was organizing and purging and stuff, the Mariners actually won a game. Amazing.

I've got about 30 minutes to kill before suiting up and heading out to the gym. It's really such a kick to be able to do an early-ish morning swim on a Sunday.

But I am really looking forward to seeing ljtourist again and a delicious brunch in a beautiful place. Sweet!
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