Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Yeah!!!!!! Mrs. Kravitz is back in business!!!

When they built the apartment building across the street from my living room, they made one big unit just at my eye level - I can see their living room, kitchen and bedroom (since they have floor to ceiling windows) but mostly and most fun, they have a terrace. Shortly after it opened a sweet bear couple moved in. They decorated beautifully and had fabulous parties out on the deck. At Christmas they did up two trees - one inside and one out. They were home a lot and I loved watching them live their lives.

And then... in January... they moved out. And that apartment has been vacant ever since... UNTIL NOW!!!!! There are, right now, 4 really attractive younger-ish (30-35) guys out on the terrace soaking up sun and drinking beer. WELCOME, guys!!!!

Sadly 1. the leaves are out on the tree so my view is obscured and 2. the blinds need to be down most of the time right now to keep the heat out.

BUT, assuming their lease started June 1, we have a whole year together!
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