Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Beating the heat - so far, so good.

My swim was better than average and I felt more invigorated than hungry so why not IKEA? I'll wear my zen and know that babies will be screaming and people will be stupid an lines will be long and I don't care. So off I went.

It was actually a good bit farther away than I had thought but the drive was really nice. There's a stretch of road that reminded me of the deep green, cool shaded windy twisty roads around Las Gatos, CA. Pretty and peaceful and cool.

I got to IKEA and drove straight to the back end of the parking lot where there were tons of spaces. I walked in and headed for the cafe and had a little bagel and lox plate that was OK but not much more. The quality matched the price so no biggie and I managed to eat it all with gusto and coffee.

Then I did the IKEA wander. It was all fine. I bought a few very things I didn't need - very cheap. I found one thing I did need very cheap and got new car mats. They have these great door mats that are thin and black and cost $1.29 and fit my car perfectly. The one on the driver's side was getting a little worn. I bought 4 so next time I won't need to fight the crowd and spend $50 to get a replacement.

My biggest single splurge was the $2.25 I spent on a bottle of water and a big cup of ice. Perfect for the ride home. The sun is out in full strength so that was the hardest part of getting home. But home I am now. In the air conditioning. And all is good.

While swimming this morning I really focused on how cool it is going to be to be able to swim tomorrow morning. The city pools open too late and are too full to be fun on Sundays so I gave up Sunday swims a long time ago. But now I can have them back!

Tomorrow will be a good test. I'm having brunch with ljtourist and need to pick him up at 9:45. The gym doesn't open until 8 but if I'm there when the doors open, I should be able to easily swim an hour, shower and get to Frank's by 9:45. We are going to a very fancy place with a huge buffet and I need to bring my biggest appetite to do it justice. The swim will do it just perfectly.

Now I have one IKEA roller shelf thingie to assemble. Hear me swear...
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