Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The heat didn't get me until early morning. It's now 80 degrees in the bedroom which is 5 degrees above acceptable. This is going to be along fucking week and a long fucking summer. Of course, Zoey sharing her body heat with me is probably not helping...

Thankgod for swimming. If it weren't for the pool, I think I'd draw the shades and crank up the a/c and hole up until September.

But, there is the pool. This morning, it's the one in South Seattle.

I thought I might go, after my swim, to IKEA which is not that far from the pool. I have two IKEA things I want. BUT, IKEA on Saturday seems like a stupid idea but, it's so close to the pool. And it is air conditioned and I could get breakfast. But then I'd buy shit I don't need. I think I'll decide when I get out of the pool.

If not IKEA, then probably back to my new Saturday breakfast place but, I'm guessing it is not air conditioned so that might not be a good bet. Of course, it will still be early so maybe not so bad.

There is really nothing else on the agenda today beyond the Mariner game. They are now losing just for losing's sake. It's beyond sad. They had so much promise before the season started and they have squandered every bit of it. Unless they magically get better right this minute, it's going to be Yet Another Horrible Mariner Season. Oh well.
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