Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

And so begins the annual first week of Oh, Air Conditioner, How Much I Love You...

75 degrees is my limit inside. Outside, if it's cloudy and breezy, I can do 75-80. Right now my thermometer says it's 78 outside and 75 inside. Because, my amazing, wonderful, life giving, life affirming air conditioner is spending its first full workday of 2015.

Looking ahead, the next day that promises a high UNDER 75 degrees is a week from this coming Sunday. So. The air conditioner, she stays on and working and I stay forever grateful.

This building is 110 years old. It's surrounded in old old brick and held up by amazingly massive timbers (like 24" square timbers - you can see them in the garage and they are impressive, especially by today's standards). The building has the insulation of old. It takes a few days to heat up and then retains its heat until September.

If I'm smart and plan ahead and get the air conditioner going ahead of the heat, the little thing does not have to work nearly as hard. So early this morning the blinds came down and I turned her on. It's been lovely in here all day - even way back in the sewing center which is at the far end of the condo. I made some more pillow cases today.

I'm trying out Spotify. I've been a Pandora subscriber since forever.Most years I pay for it, a couple I've used the free service. I sometimes use Google Plus (free) and it's soso. Amazon Prime music is also OK. Not great. But, I'm just not getting good/different music selections and I'm tired of hearing about how great Spotify is. They used to require you to have a Facebook account so it was easy to say NFW. But, they have changed that and have a $.99 for 3 months deal so, heck, why not.

As with all music services, the first thing I do is dig out my inner gay man and find the playlist/radio station/whatever they call it of Broadway Musicals. It does not taint the service's profile of me that, for instance, going for a Kasey Musgraves or Brandy Clark song or Innocent Man or The Old Rugged Cross will do. It lets me explore without a defining label (other than gay man). Plus, I like the music.

Well, Spotify wins in the Broadway Musical category by a landslide. The first 20 songs were from musicals I had either not heard of or hadn't thought of in ages or never saw. New stuff, different stuff, great stuff. Crap.

I don't really like their Android app or their web interface. And I'd really like to not like their service. Hopefully this initial blush is just a lucky accident.

I finished The Martian last night. It was fabulous to the end. I miss everyone in the book today and wonder what they are up to. Tonight I'm going to start Alafair Burke's If You Were Here. I've never read any of her stuff so fingers crossed.
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