Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Swim report

Ok, so the new pool is such a keeper. It took me less than 15 mins from the time I left my bedroom until I was stripping off my clothes in the locker room. Walking from the car to the locker room is not insignificant. Not difficult, no hills or anything, just a hike - maybe I can get my 20 minutes of walking in with just the commute!

There was a guy doing laps when I got there and another guy just getting in. Lap guy left right away and the other guy turned out to be a walker. He walked for an hour and then sat in the hot tub for about 15. After about 20 minutes of laps, a young woman swimmer took up in the next lane and lasted until I was almost done. So... not at all crowded.

The water temperature is perfect. The conditioner - bromaide? - feels nice on my skin and doesn't bother my eyes or nose or mouth. There are giant windows to the outside on one side but there is a huge overhang so no direct sun. Yeah! The other side is giant windows into the gym. It's a lovely open feel. I swam my mile. It took me longer than normal but I figured I was just slow because distracted by the new.

On the way out, however, I asked... turns out it is not a 25 yard pool like I am used to... it's 25 meters! Ha! I got tricked into doing more than a mile. Which is excellent.

The locker room is big and lovely and showers are fabulous. It's just a lovely lovely place. And... free for me. Amazing.

Then I went on to Safeway where I discovered they have a Papa Murphy's in the same shopping center! Score.

So lovely lovely morning. I am home and it is only just now about the time I'd be getting out of my regular pool. So score extra time in my day, too.
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