Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Lookin' down on creation....

A guy on Google+ happened up on a float plane this afternoon and made the greatest shot of my neighborhood! This photo clearly shows both stadiums. And where downtown is compared to my house and the waterfront. That ribbon of highway that sprouts off to the left and goes between town and the docks by the ferris wheel is the viaduct and is going away.

The stadium nearest my house is the stadium for football/soccer. The one to the right of that is the stadium where the Mariners lose (like they did today, yesterday and the day before... aurgh...)

This is just a great, great shot. The photographer is Jason Gallo. The link will take you to all 9 of his photos of my city.

Edit, Jason uploaded more shots and one clearly shows my building - see that little red square??!! That's me!

Here's the original one I posted:
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