Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

More wins

So... the new LA Fitness has lots o' parking. And they were happy to see me. I had to sign a waiver that probably said I wouldn't sue them if I drowned. And then they took my foto and gave me the secret code to the pool.

Like the other LA Fitness, you have to go all the way to the back, through the locker rooms, past the sauna, and then punch in the secret code and then you are poolside. At 10:30 which is a little later than I would do my swim but not an unreasonable time, the 3 lane pool had one swimmer in it. Nice, really nice. What a score. Free pool 15 mins from here. And there is another city pool another 15 mins from there as a backup in case.

It's right across the street from Trader Joe's. So freakin' handy.

The manicurist was just up about 5 blocks. It's in a flat area so I did not even bother to look for a close by parking place. I was 15 mins early so I just drove until I found one and then hiked back to the shop.

It's a little more chummy than I like with everyone all up in your bizness trying to score new bff's but... I do appreciate that they did NOT have unlimited nail colors to pick from. I have found that most places have about 200 different colors to pick from. WAY too many to make a non-frustrating choice. This place had maybe 30. Plenty. The woman who did my nails, Anna, did a fabulous job. Great manicure and great nail paint job. And it was the same price as my now second favorite place. I went ahead and made an appointment for next time.

Oh and, for the first time, I add the appointment to my calendar totally by voice. Google got the time wrong initially and I even corrected it via voice command. I was walking down the street to my car and the sun was kind of making it hard to see the screen so it was a perfect time to try it and it worked spectacularly. Love that.

I hit game traffic coming home but really not until a block from home. I just turned off my engine and zenned it until It was my turn to turn into my street/garage. No big deal.

I am giving serious thought to doing my swim at that new pool tomorrow.

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