Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

WTF - both analog and digital editions

I am a... ahem... plus sized... person. AKA - fat. I mostly like my clothes stretchy (knit) and loose (oversized). The new pants I got are a little more fitted than most of my clothes but I kind of like that.

Last night, after dinner, I was feeling really bloated. I hadn't eaten that much but man, was I ever uncomfortable... I could not figure it out, until I got up to pee and when I pulled my pants down, the lightbulb went off (now, that's a lovely visual, isn't it???). I changed into a pair of my regular pants and BAM, bloating problem solved!!!

Maybe I'll just call the new pants, diet pants.

I wear a fitness tracker (yeah the words above this sentence and the next few sentences do NOT match, I get that). It's a Misfit Shine. When you start non-regular activities, like swimming, you triple tap it, it gives you a light indicator and off you go. When you finish you tap it again and then it knows how to report the activity.

This morning, I triple tapped it until my tapping finger was sore and no action. So when I came home, I changed the battery and then I synced it up a bunch of times and still no action. My little fitness tracker was losing its grip. I tried all kinds of things and then, finally. when to the app's device page and discovered that somehow the 'track specific activities' option had been turned off?????? Why would you even want to turn this off and how did it get turned off?? I turned it on and BAM triple tap and all the lights came back.

Soooooooooo it's going to be that kind of day, eh? Ok. I can deal. No prob.

I forgot, when I made my nail appointment for 11 that the Mariner game is at 12:40 today. The straightforward way to get to and from is right past the stadium. Not top notch thinking there. BUT totally doable now that I am aware. I can either stay over in West Seattle a little longer OR just take a detour coming home. No biggie.

Now I think it's time to get up and get into my diet pants and get on with my day.
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