Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Win and win... maybe? Hopefully?

So... in today's snail junk mail was a card/flyer from LA Fitness announcing they are open in West Seattle. Well, this is HUGE news. They are the same level of club (3 lane pool) as the one in Ballard but closer by more than half! Woot! This could be freakin' excellent.

I knew there was an LA Fitness in the plans for that spot but somehow I had gotten it into my brain that it was a plans-only location and that the actual gym was all promise and no brick. I never actually remembered to look when I drove by. Now, it's there!!

There are more than a few manicure places in West Seattle so I picked one and made an appointment for tomorrow. I'll go early and check on the LA Fitness and make sure it's excellent (and, also, check on pool population in the mornings on a weekday. I'm guessing that for a little while, while they ramp up, there may be room in the pool for me. I hope. There is also a Trader Joe's just across the street.

I don't mind hoofing it all the way to Ballard once in a while but West Seattle is just so much easier. Oh this is good.
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