Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Shoes and pants and stuff

In an effort to find shoes that don't kill my feet, I thought I had it narrowed down. I love the Skecher GoWalk Convertibles. Skecher also makes about 5 other versions of the GoWalk. So I bought one that looked a little more not sporty. I had not worn them outside yet so they were still returnable. I took them out for a down the stairs/down the hallways walk today and OMG, NO. I got halfway down the hall and down the stairs and my right foot started screaming. I tried to walk it out and nope. I came home and put on the Convertibles and ahhhhhh. Ok. so I get the message.

Mine are navy blue so I ordered a backup pair of navy blue and a pair of black. I know when I'm beat. Apparently, the foot wants what the foot wants. I did score a nice pair of sandals that don't hurt - so far. I wore them around in there today and will give them the stair/hallway test before I commit. I ordered (Zappos) 5 other sandals and none of them were close but these.

I got some new pants last week and I was getting ready to send them back. I like them a lot but they were just too big in the waist. But, wait, I have all my sewing stuff organized now and out where I can see/find it. Maybe I can fix. And.. I did!! I so love my new sewing center. Yeah for new pants! I ordered another pair.

The home owners meeting was painful. Our most annoying resident was there making the entire meeting way more tedious than it needed to be. Thankgod our president is totally dedicated to keeping the meeting to an hour. Tonight it was a long fucking hour, though. And I came up the elevator with a guy who lives down the hall and knows shit and does something about it and he totally gets the 'Dawn' problem and plans to take the president out for a drink and propose a couple of solutions. I do appreciate neighbors who are willing to help.

Our magical pitcher is pitching tonight against the Yankees and losing it big time. Ugly.

I still don't feel great so for dinner I had a small can of V8 juice and a Klondike bar. Because I can.

It was so chilly in here today I had to shut the door to the outside for a bit. Heaven!!
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