Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The 'hood will be hoppin!

There is a Mariner game at 1 and a Sounders game at 2. Action Sunday in the stadium district. It will be wild and crazy around here all afternoon. We have stickers on our cars that tell the police who close off the roads to let us through but... getting to the roadblocks is generally the tough part.

But, the Sounders fans are not much for driving to the game and the Mariners fans park way south of the stadium and hike in so even though the number of people coming will equal or better a Seahawks game, it won't be nearly as horrible. And.. happily, I have no reason to need or want to get the car out. And, they will all be gone by 5ish. Unlike Seahawks fans, they do not stick around using our streets and sidewalks as bathrooms and screaming for hours after games.

I don't even have an interest in going out to brunch today. I feel like making my own. My brother has his newsletter ready for my edit. So I'll do that. And then, I think I'll go take a walk. I have a short list for the Japanese grocery so I think that's where I'll go.

Then home to watch the game.
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