Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


At 5:15 I woke up this morning - the parking garage across the street was making that droning noise again. Weird because I can generally sleep through any noise. I got up and shut the door. While I was going back to sleep, I thought about something I wanted to buy and made a note to order it from Amazon this morning. Now, I'm awake and am having coffee and internet and can only remember that there was something I wanted to order but no clue what it is. Clearly, it wasn't that important.

This morning's plans are - swimming, breakfast, grocery. Then home. Sewing, knitting, tv and baseball.

I'm reading a fabulous (listening actually) book - The Martian - and I'd be tempted to spend the afternoon listening to it but I want to make it last as long as possible.

Right now, I'm listening to NPR reports of the flood in Texas right around where my brother lives. Standing water in your living room is bad enough but this story is all about the snakes and other critters that are turning up everywhere in drones. Massive Ugh. My brother's home and business (which are in the same building) did not get flooded. Whew. Still hot, sticky, buggy and snakes. I love downtown Seattle. I've lived here in this condo on the 4th floor for nearly 25 years and I have never ever once seen a snake of the reptile kind (there have been a couple of strange people...).
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