Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Today's turns out to be the day for 2015

The day I first used the air conditioner. I just turned it on - 2:55 pm to be exact. It's a very quiet for an air conditioner but it sure makes noise. And cool. Emphasis on the cool. I can feel it already. Ahhhhh

I got all my errands done and then came home and sewed. I made the sewing machine cover. I wanted to test drive the sewing area and I wanted to cover the machine. Accomplished both. It helps enormously to have that armoire within arm's reach. And I tweaked where stuff is and how the stuff I need/use most is most accessible. It's so great.

I do think I need to keep my eyes open for a desk chair. The rolling ottoman doesn't roll too well and is a bitch on my back. I'm not wild about having a whole nother piece of furniture in that room but I'm old and I need my back not to hurt. Free computer chairs often land in the garage 'free' area.

I also need, I think, an ironing board. Maybe. Right now I'm using a towel on the blanket chest that is a fake out home to the litter box. It might work out. Maybe. And speaking of litter, Zoey really loves the sewing room. She has one of her cat beds up on the spare bed in there and she can curl up in there and watch it all.

But, it does get warm back there. I think I'll move the fan back there for the Summer.

Ok, forget what I said about the air conditioner noise. It is so cool and wonderful that it can be as loud as it wants. Totally fair trade in my book.

Oh! And, I heard from Zappos and they let me return the sandals that I actually wore outside! For full credit!!! Oh, Zappos. I so heart you.
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