Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The first thing on tap this morning is bear delivery. Well, probably I'll stop at McDonalds and treat myself to a sausage biscuit and then go on to the delivery. After that I have several stops to make on the way home - all conveniently situated between me and the bear place.

I already had my swim today. The pool was busy this morning. Not bad busy - all lanes moved nicely - it was fun. Next week will be the last week for the pool experience as we have known it. They are completely tearing up the access - both the road and the entrance to the pool. For the 8-10 months it will be a royal bitch to get to as they are shutting the road down to one lane and deleting half the parking. After that, I'm not clear what the changes will be but it will not be the same. They are also making changes inside the pool house to the entrance and the locker rooms.

It will all be fine - a mess for a while but fine. But, it will all be different.

The sandals I bought last week are a fail. They have very molded feet beds specifically for flat feet but they are way too molded for me. I tried wearing them for a couple of hours every day but it's not going to work. They are feet killers. I sent an email to Zappos last night asking about a return. I have worn the outside so I think probably not but, they were $70 and asking costs $0.

I ordered 360 tampons yesterday from Amazon (for donation) and now Amazon thinks I am magically into child bearing. This is pretty hilarious.

  • Biggie 2021

    Business Service Center, 206-684-5177, during regular business hours, or by calling the pool, 206-684-4766

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    The Flickr album of all the days.

  • Biggie 2021

    The Flickr album of all the days.

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