Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Swimming and baseball. That is it on the docket for today. Swimming at 11 and baseball at 7. Dinner is in the fridge and needs only nuking. I've got big holes of time free for the asking.

I could do the touch up painting around here.
I could inaugurate my new sewing center and make that machine cover.
Or knit and watch TV or read.

I am listening to the audible book of The Martian by Andy Weir and it's captivating. So captivating that even early on - I'm about 1/3rd in - I don't want it to end and still want to know what's happening next.

I do have the life I would want if I didn't have it!

It's getting warmer every day which is not good in my book... I think the blinds I bought last fall will really start earning their keep. If I can keep the sun out of the living room in the mornings, the whole condo stays much cooler all day. (It's kind of a loft with the only outside exposure being the living room windows/door.)

The sun/heat also means I need to get creative about my 20 minutes a day of walking. I know one of the those days pretty soon will be Costco. I need more of their bacon. But, probably not today.

I think I'll kick off whatever happens today with a nice breakfast.
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