Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The long non-sewing nightmare is over

Way back about a hundred years ago, I supported myself mostly by sewing. I learned to make clothes when I was about 12 and made most of my clothes until I hit about 35 and my job soaked up all my sewing time. Still, until 20 years ago, I always had my sewing machine out and a sewing center of one kind or another set up and ready all the time. And then I put it all in a cabinet.

I pulled out the machine and thread and needles and various other parts and bits here and there over the years and then stuffed it back into the dark and increasingly horribly organized cabinet.

Today I drug it all out and wow. I have a million seam rippers. 42 blue zillion little plastic containers of straight pins and 39 blue zillion little plastic containers of safety pins. I have beyond sufficient pairs of scissors. Embarrassing multiples of everything.

And the spools of thread/bobbins/tape/trim/elastic/velcro... OMG. I should just open a fabric store. I found several packages of Wrights lace hem tape with a price tag of $.50 (it was not on sale). I also found some that I bought recently - same exact stuff - $1.99. Man, I should have stocked up on all this shit in 1980. Oh, wait, apparently I did!

The little desk makes a perfect sewing table and those drawers are amazing.

I think the first thing I'm going to sew is a nice, pretty, sewing machine cover!

I moved other stuff around in bulk. It will be likely years before I head off to get another roll of paper towels and go to the cabinet in the bedroom instead of the armoire in the fish room. But, change is good...

And the baseball is 0-0 in the 9th.

Oh and the 14 pairs of shoes and boots I left on the 'free' shelf yesterday afternoon? Gone this morning. Totally fair trade for my new sewing center!
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