Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


This morning's swim was a hardware fight. My backup earbuds kept falling out and then my goggles started acting up. But, I persevered and got the mile done in spite of issues and it was good as usual. I need to order new goggles today and dig into my swim music supplies and find better earbuds to use til the good replacements get here.

For my early morning swims, I get up and get into my suit and then cover it with a floor length hoodie/robe in the winter or a long oversized summer knit dress in the summer. After my swim, I put the hoodie or dress over my naked me for the short drive home. There are a couple of weeks between seasons when it is too hot for the hoodie and too cold for the dress. We're in those weeks now. So I'll be wearing clothes like regular people for a bit. Sigh.

The baseball game is at 10 this morning which is rather handy. Unless it turns out to be way more interesting than most Mariner games, I'll likely use it as background while I sort though and organize my sewing stuff for my new sewing station.

I think my walk today will be back over to Uwajimaya. I forgot to get more of those potato fry chip things. Also maybe I'll pick up some dinner.

But, before all that... breakfast!
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