Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I need to retire!

It is amazing how much room shoes that I cannot or should not or just don't wear take up!! They are all gone now. The nicer ones went on the free shelf. The rest are going to Goodwill. I have more than I need but only by a little.

2 pair boots
1 pair winter shoes (dress up/down/wear with socks)
2 pair long walk shoes - one green, one purple, probably won't wear either much
1 pair slip on, high arch sandals
1 pair crocs with insole
2 pair Skecher Go Walks - one all black and one blue with white

I'm done. All of the above have a home in the house in a tidy place. The 5 pair of shoes I am returning to Zappos are down on the carrier shelf in the garage ready for UPS to pick up tomorrow.

The closet is retrofitted with the blanket chest. Two gigantic massively heavy wire shelves are now down in the recycling dumpster. The sewing machine is sitting on the new table in its forever home.

The Goodwill bin is empty and it's all in the car ready to drop off tomorrow.

Plus, I was able to move some stuff out of another closet into where the shoes were so now there's more room there. A bonus.

I am whipped. I still need to set up the rest of the sewing center. I'm so jazzed about having it always available.

Next house projects:

- finish setting up the sewing
- touch up paint (including the spot I created wrestling those gigantic shelves)
- go through all clothes hanging in the closet I rarely use and get rid of most of them
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