Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

My lucky lucky day

So the first thing that happened was... on my way out the door to swimming, I spied an interesting table in the 'free stuff' area of the garage. It was so interesting looking that when I got down to my car, I decided to go back up and take a second luck. And then I took it upstairs to my unit.

It's a really cool looking piece with a lovely amount of wear showing. It could be refinished but I like that it's worn. It's got classy lines.

I really don't have a place for it but look at these drawers... that right one is so unique and so cool.

It would be so wonderful to use for my sewing machine - to have it out somewhere all the time.  And then I went to swim.

While I was swimming, I rearranged my house. There are two rows of shoe holders in the closet. I no longer need those since I'm getting rid of all but the minimum number of shoes all of which can live in the space by the front door.

So, I can move the blanket chest from the fish room (front room with fish painted on the walls) into the closet where the shoe racks were. The blanket chest never really looked good in the fish room anyway.

And then I can put the table where the chest was. There's plenty of lighting, and an outlet and storage for sewing stuff (esp when I move the sewing stuff out of where it is now - I can put the toilet paper and paper towels there and put the sewing stuff where those are now).

I'm quite jazzed about this project!! And it all started with finding the new table that was free!!!

When I got to the pool, one of the lifeguards hadn't shown up and the other was late and the pool wasn't set up and everyone was in a tizzy. So dumped all my stuff in the locker room and went out to the pool and asked what I could do to help. The lifeguard looked so relieved and asked if I wanted to swim a lane line. I had always wanted to do that so I jumped in before she could change her mind and swam the lane lines down to the other end and hooked them up. It was a lot more difficult than I imagined it would be but it was fun.

Once the pool was ready, I got ready to get in and discovered that in the kerfuffle, I'd lost one of the rubber tips on my earbuds! They are my favorite tips. And I only have the one pair. I got my backups which are not my favorites and had a nice swim anyway.

Then I came home and sent a fast email to the earphone people to asked if I could buy another blue set (these are earphones that come with 4 different kinds (one in 4 different sizes!) of tips but only one pair of my favorites). I just got a note back from him saying that he's just sent a note to shipping to send me a new pair... gratis! They are in Oregon so it won't even take that long.

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