Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Back to regular retirement

My Mom, in her later years, hated holidays. Stuff was closed. People she wanted/needed were not at work where she could get to them. The staff where she lived was skeleton and, I think, she was often bored on holidays. I feel her pain. Holidays are kind of a pain in the ass. But, turns out, planning helps. Even so... While the rest of the world is bemoaning the end of the long weekend, I'm glad to get back to regular days.

I'm back to my regular swim today - at 11 this morning.

The shoe/feet conundrum continues. I have been very careful to keep my arches supported and that has kept my foot muscles loose and pain free. So I think I have unlocked the secret. Bad shoes. (Since bad shoes can include very comfortable shoes, it's not so easy to identify the villains.)

Now I need to stick to it and not get tempted to wear stuff that will cause problems. I pulled all the shoes out of my closet. Regardless of how much I love them, if they don't work - make my feet seize up and cramp - they go to Goodwill. I have a few in purgatory and 1 pair of for sure keepers. And some new ones coming in from Zappos today.

The goal is to unload all shoes that hurt my feet. And all shoes I think I'd like to wear but know I won't.

I need:

1 pair for wearing around the house
1 pair for short walks (like down to the car/mail/dumpsters/around the block)
1 pair for longer walks
1 pair of boots
1 pair that looks nice in chase I need to dress up a little

That does not need to be five pairs BUT does need to be no more than five pairs.

Everything else is getting a free trip to Goodwill.

My Goodwill pile is getting healthy. It's probably time for a drop off pretty soon.
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