Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I love it when a plan works

The drive to the gym - even across downtown Seattle - was, of course, trouble free. No one was out and about at 7:30! The pool, at the the gym, had a lane ready and waiting for me and it was fabulous. Never again will I have to sit out a holiday because the city pools shut down. Sweet. During most of my hour long swim, there were 2 people in each lane. Some left, some new came in but it was free and easy and by the time I was done and out of the shower, there was only 1 person in the entire pool.

I stopped for breakfast next - at a good place but I wasn't really that hungry so I had a toasted bagel and cream cheese and coffee. Perfect. Them on to the hair cutters where I got the male version of chatty cathy. Cut dude. Chat after with your mates. But, he did a decent job and I don't have to worry about it again for at least six weeks, maybe a couple of months.

Then on to the grocery for cream cheese and ice cream. I have found that if I have an ice cream treat at night after dinner, I tend to keep my hand out of the cookie jar so to speak. A pint of Ben & Jerry's is toxic because no portion control but a nutty buddy or an eskimo pie is a one and done. So that's what I got.

As I was in my car ready to start it up and split, an SUV pulled in and a guy and a small (under 5 yrs) boy got out. The kid pointed to me and in a very loud voice he said 'Look Daddy, it's a baby car!' I think it was the way he said it but it gave me quite a chuckle as I drove the baby car home.

Now I'm going to watch my tech podcast and knit a little bear.

The pickles turned out just like I love 'em and I think they are very pretty.

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