Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

It's early and I'm off...

I forgot to turn off my get up for early swim alarm. No biggie. I didn't want to sleep in anyway and I was awake when it went off. I want to get going before everyone else does.

I'm hoping to get to the gym pool before the crowds. If there are crowds. It's so hard to tell. It's drizzly and cloudy out. Probably a good day to try the outdoor pool. It doesn't open until noon so that's kind of a viable Plan B.

After my swim and/or check of pool to see that it is too crowded... I am getting my hair cut. And, yes, the hair cutter is open today. I could probably last another week but it's gotten to the stage where it needs a comb or a brush or something. It's moving into low maintenance and I need it no maintenance.

I might make a quick stop at the grocery on the way home. Baseball game is at 4.

It's now 7:30 and I think I'll hit the road.
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